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Design can Increase Revenue

What’s a bounce? A bounce is when a visitor comes to your website and leaves within 3 seconds and it is one of the most important measures of website success that we track. Before they read one word, they leave your website because your website is out dated, unattractive or simply does not inspire them to read your content. This is where most companies are losing money in the customer acquisition process. Using whatever marketing means/money, a potential customer has arrived at your website with the intention of investigating your business. The longer the visit, the greater chance that person will convert into a customer.

Improving the bounce rate through a better design makes money.

The scenario below shows how a redesign can make you more money by lowering your bounce rate.

Old website: 1,000 website visitors X 60% bounce rate = 400 visitors a month who read your website.

Redesigned website: 1,000 website visitors X 40% bounce rate = 600 visitors a month who read your website.

In the above website redesign scenario, the company increased its exposure by 50% without increasing its advertising budget.