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Is it Time for a Website Redesign?


At every step of your marketing process, from designing your website to sending out customer newsletters, you need to make your business look like a multi-million dollar company. Why is this important? Because an image of success and professionalism makes people feel secure. They feel secure in choosing your company, and they feel secure in handing over their credit card number to purchase your products or services.

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Design can Increase Revenue

What’s a bounce? A bounce is when a visitor comes to your website and leaves within 3 seconds and it is one of the most important measures of website success that we track. Before they read one word, they leave your website because your website is out dated, unattractive or simply does not inspire them to read your content.

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How IMA is Different

At IMA, we offer more than just design and development services. We also help you construct your message into a convincing argument which inspires your customer to take action and contact you.  We have in-house User Interface Designers usually only found at large corporations like Southwest Airlines.  Our User Interface Designers are in charge of ensuring a cohesive aesthetically pleasing design, an intuitive navigation, and a focused message.

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