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The Custom Website Design Process

At Internet Marketing Advantage our team creates professional custom websites which engage your customer and effectively communicate your message. We know Web design and development extremely well. 

To effectively convey your business image to your customer, we spend time learning about your business before we begin designing. We listen, take notes, make recommendations, and ask lots of questions to make sure we get it right.  Read what our customers are saying about us.

After we discuss your website requirements and preferences, we get to work.  First we research your online competition.  We study their design, layout, navigation and functionality. We analyze their information architecture, the number of pages and the focus of their message.  Secondly we do keyword research analysis and reconcile your service or product offering to the words customers search on to find your business.  This research helps us tailor your presentation to your target customer in a relevant and meaningful way. We also use the results of the keyword research to optimize your website for the search engines, also known as search engine optimization.

Usability and Web Standards Best Practices

All of our designs are created following current web and usability standards. The benefits for you are:

  • Your site loads faster, so more of your customers can reach you.
  • Your site will correctly display across multiple browsers and devices, so more people will see it.
  • Your website will be compatible with future browsers and devices, so you will not have to upgrade your website anytime soon.
  • Your customers will be able to navigate your website easily, so they will stay longer and come back more frequently.

We Guarantee your Satisfaction Every Step of the Way

At IMA we pride ourselves on being creative, talented and insightful designers who deliver high-end custom website design at a reasonable price.  You will have the opportunity to approve or make changes to the design and development through each phase of the project. Our client approval process ensures you receive exactly what you want.